Friday, December 18, 2009

Answers to Part 1

1. Vinnie Jones
Sting - Acted together in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
He played for Leeds United as a footballer
Hugh Jackman - Acted together in Swordfish
Angelina Jolie - Acted together in Gone in Sixty Seconds

2. Mirka Federer

3. The number of Uniteds they've played for.

4. The only bowlers to have got Dravid out for a duck in Tests.

5. Isthmian League Premier Division

6. Bill Scanlon

7. Jim Thorpe

8. Types of rubbers used in a table tennis racquet

9. Javagal Srinath

10. Only goalkeepers to have conceded from their counterparts in the Premier League.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Quiz - Part 1

1. Connect

X (born in 1978 in Slovakia) is a former WTA tennis player.When X was nine, her father took her to watch a tournament at Filderstadt in Germany. X met Martina Navratilova who thought she looked athletic and should try tennis. Navratilova later sent X a racquet and arranged for her first tennis lesson.Though X retired from the game in 2002
after a foot injury with no great records she is still well known .Who?

Peter Beardsley -4
Trevor Benjamin -4
Leon Constantine -4
Alan Foggon -4
Alan Smith-3
Rio Ferdinand-3
Nicky Butt-2
Mark Viduka-2
Anton Ferdinand -1
Paul Robinson-1
The list goes on and on...

Now tell me what is being listed?


2006-07 : Hampton and Richmond Borough
2007-08 : Chelmsford City
2008-09 : Dover Athletic

What competition are these teams champions of? Specific answer needed.

Who is the only player in the history of tennis to win a 'Golden set'?

X played baseball for New York Giants, Cincinnati Reds and Boston Braves. In his lackluster career, X amassed a .252 batting average over 289 games. He continued to play with teams in minor leagues until 1922. He also played Amercian football for Canton Bulldogs and went on to become the first President of American Professional Football Association, the predecessor of National Football League. Identity X.

Connect :
Inverted (Chinese)
Inverted (Non-Chinese)
Long Pimples
Short Pimples
Anti Spin


Identity the Sports Personality in the Anagram.